Levy Pate

I began my journey with Bladen Community College during the summer of 2014.  After being homeschooled for 13 years, I was reluctant about how well I would do in a classroom setting.  That summer, I took two on-line courses and did well, which boosted my confidence in my ability to achieve in college. 

The fall semester of 2014, I took a full load with all seated classes.  My instructors in these courses showed a genuine interest in wanting to help me succeed.  I applied myself, studied hard, participated in classroom activities, and found that the community college experience was a perfect fit for me.  Because of the smaller class sizes, instructors were able to have a more personal interest in the students, which inspired me to do my best. 

Over the past two years, all of my instructors, with their love of teaching and expertise in their fields, have helped me to accomplish more than I had thought possible.  Because of the encouraging atmosphere at BCC, I have been able to excel academically with a 4.0 GPA.  The community college experience truly brought out the best in me.