Lindita Oelfke

I arrived in the United States on December 31, 2013 with extremely limited English skills. Originally from Albania, I moved here to join my husband who I had met when he was teaching at a local University. I decided to attend Sandhills Community College even before I left Albania in order to improve my English skills. After admissions, thankfully my husband took me to the Tutoring Center. It would become my second home. It is there that I met Mrs. Fitzgerald, who I thank for getting me through my first English classes. Thanks to the Tutoring Center, I went from wanting to drop out of school because I couldn’t understand the instructors to actually enjoying my classes.

There are many reasons that I have been able to realize my dreams at SCC. First, the personal attention given by the instructors at SCC ensures that the individual needs of the students are recognized and met. Secondly, the financial aid that is available for those who apply themselves is truly amazing. Finally, the employment opportunities and assistance provides graduates with virtually unlimited opportunities. My success is proof that at SCC even people who have English as a second language can succeed.