Lisa Elliott Shelton

In 1980, while finishing a class in Early Childhood Development at McDowell High School, my heart’s desire and future goal was to somehow continue my education, and return the love and respect that had promoted the positive growth that I had experienced in my life.  Mt instructors offered motivation with words of encouragement and a certificate for “The Most Outstanding in Child Care.”

Although my life’s journey took a different direction, I always worked with children in various degrees and levels.  But still, that longing to continue my education lingered in that special part of my heart.  After thirty-plus years, and the encouragement of a wonderful husband, boys, family, employer, and co-workers, I can now say that my heart’s desire of getting a degree is a reality! 

In addition, since I have taken classes at McDowell Technical Community College, I have learned that the influences from the individuals (whether positive or otherwise) that have crossed my path have caused me to become the person I am today.  Just as I explain to the children that are in my care, “If you have an opportunity to make yourself a better person, take that opportunity.” 

I currently work at a local preschool with future hopes of seeing some of my writings published.