Lou Smith

Ecclesiastics 3 states there is “a time to every purpose under heaven”; yet, time stands still for no one. 

I graduated from Sun Valley High School in 1972, married my high school sweetheart, and began raising a family.  The opportunity for a college degree was not available then.  Although I pursued job related courses for certifications, I did not have my college degree.  To satisfy my thirst for a degree, in the fall of 2014, I decided to attend South Piedmont Community College.  The entrance exam was tough and I persevered.  I began with one class, believing it might take six years to complete my studies; however, that one class got me hooked.  My new goal was to earn my degree within three years.    

Upon achievement of my AAS in business administration, I hope to be an inspiration to others who may have postponed their education.  Reflecting back on my SPCC experience, I was able to fulfill my dream because I had faculty who believed in my abilities and encouraged me towards excellence.  I would be that “A” student.  In May 2017, I will celebrate with a degree, increased knowledge, and leadership skills, all compliments of my SPCC network.