Madison Batten

I really appreciate the opportunity Robeson Community College has given me to pursue my dream career as a radiographer. This field allows me to feel that I make a positive contribution to our society by providing excellent patient care in the clinical setting. I have grown in knowledge, empathy, and confidence these past four semesters in the Radiography program. I look forward to learning new skills and information every day in the wide variety of clinical settings we are given the opportunity to work in, from small outpatient clinics to much larger hospital environments, and through our classroom setting.

Both the classroom and clinical settings are phenomenal. The fact that my class has only ten students makes learning one-on-one achievable, something you don’t see at a university. I can recall times I had to ask my instructor if there was additional time after class I could come and get “extra help” on critiquing radiographs.  There was no hesitation to her answer; it was yes. Both instructors have always been more than willing to help any of us; they always took the extra time to make sure we understood what was being taught. That attitude is so helpful in such a rigorous program as this one. From registration to preparing for graduation everyone at RCC has been very helpful.  Thank you, RCC.