Marc Cook

After two semesters at a four-year institution, Marc realized that the college he chose was not a good match for him and went home to work in the family business while attending community college with the intention of going back to a four-year school.

As time went by, full-time semesters became part-time, and eventually school was no longer a priority.  Marc's responsibilities in his career became greater and greater until he found himself as vice president of his family's building supply business, president of the local business association, member of multiple boards, a husband, and a father of two.  All this success was cut short in 2010 when the poor housing market gave reason for Marc to close a business with an 86-year history.

Even though he had not been in a classroom in over ten years, Marc saw an opportunity to start over and enroll in the Industrial Systems Technology program at McDowell Technical Community College.  New doors have opened and Marc is excited to begin a new career after graduation.  Years of uncertainty have been left behind for a confidence in a future made possible by a second chance at MTCC.