Marlene Clermont

Going back to school after 30 years was quite a daunting challenge for me. As a single mother of two teenagers, it was necessary for me to lead by example; therefore, failure was not an option. I became determined, and within a few weeks at Mitchell Community College, I was on a mission to absorb every drop of knowledge that I could.

Each new class broadened my skills, opinions, and esteem. By becoming completely engaged in my education, I realized that this was more than a degree. This accomplishment is something that can never be taken away, no matter what. When you take ownership of your path to education, you own your future, and a sense of pride that is unsurpassed.

The instructors and administration at Mitchell Community College have become my second family, and they have supported me in this pursuit of lifelong learning. My goal is to graduate with two degrees and a 4.0 GPA. No matter your age or standing in life, it is imperative that you never stop learning and growing. Challenge is a life force that helps us to find the person we are truly meant to be.