Mary Gardner

When I started this higher education journey in spring of 2013 at 46, I really had no direction and was plagued by the fear that I would fail. I did not excel in high school and it had been over 18 years since I was in a classroom setting. In my first semester it was my English 111 instructor who steered me toward the Paralegal Program at Pitt Community College based on my love of reading, research and writing. In Legal Research and Writing, I found that I excelled way beyond anything I could have imagined for myself.

My experience with Pitt Community College, faculty and staff has been one of the most rewarding of my life. I have developed a passion and enthusiasm for knowledge that is a direct result of the tutelage and advising of Dr. Lora Clark, Ms. Vicki Coleman and Mr. Anthony Dunn. I have been the humble receiver of their intense desire to ensure I succeed at all my future endeavors. I will be graduating with a Paralegal Degree and have now decided to continue my education by adding an Associate in Arts degree and on to a History BA. PCC faculty, staff and instructors helped me find my passion and then steered me toward it.