Melissa Anne Myers

I moved to Cherokee County from Charlotte seven years ago. I was a single mother to three children under the age of ten: two daughters with Down’s Syndrome and a son barely leaving toddlerhood. At the time I had no friends or family to serve as my support system.

I began taking Nurse Aide classes at Tri-County Community College while in an emotionally abusive relationship. Through the journey of returning to school, I began to regain my self worth once more and pulled myself out of the toxic environment I was living in at the time. Without those initial classes and encouragement of my instructors, I may never have found the courage and confidence to keep pursuing my higher education. After finishing my Nurse Aide classes, I decided to pursue a Nursing education at Tri-County.

My three children are my greatest inspirations in encouraging me to complete my education. They each have served as my tireless cheerleaders and keep me grounded every day.  I will graduate in May with my Associate’s Degree in Nursing. I have already been accepted to Western Carolina University’s Nursing program to complete my Bachelor of Science beginning in Fall 2017.

My ultimate goal is to work as a sexual assault nurse medical examiner to continue my mission of empowering women through medicine.  I am always thankful for the second chance at life I discovered at Tri-County Community College, and the ability it has given me to better my life not only for myself and my community, but most importantly, for my children.