Michael Matthews

At first, I was drawn to Rockingham Community College to be a part of the baseball team, but I realized shortly after I started in the fall of 2013 that school was my priority.

I was a little anxious transitioning into college courses, but the teachers and staff made it an easy transition for me. Also, I feel as if I have built friendships with a couple of my instructors during my time at RCC. This has been really beneficial to me because they have been able to give me helpful advice regarding the paths that I should take in the near future.

Classes at RCC have challenged me as a student, and I am grateful that God has given me the ability to learn the material presented to me and be successful thus far. I have definitely developed more discipline and time management skills while attending RCC. Lastly, I found interest in Biology which has directed me toward pursuing a career in the medical field as a Physician’s Assistant. Rockingham Community College has given me a great education, a college baseball experience, and ultimately has prepared me to be successful at a 4-year university.