Michael Philbeck Jr.

Many people think that they need to go to a university to get a quality education. I can personally tell you that is not the case. Since I work full time and provide for a family of seven, Community College was my only choice. I started in the Apprenticeship 321 program and learned so much about my job-specific field. This program gave me the confidence and the new-found love for electronics and automation to go along with my mechanical background. I will be graduating in May 2019 with my A.A.S. in Mechatronics Engineering Technology, Manufacturing Technology, and General Occupational Technology.

The instructors, advisors, success coach, and the rest of the faculty at Gaston are second to none. Because of the smaller class sizes, I feel like I received more personalized instruction than I would get at a university. The faculty here care about your success and not only provide you with the tools, they share in your accomplishments. I would not have been as successful had it not been for all of them. I have always had the drive, but I just needed the chance and the opportunity to thrive. I am forever grateful for all Gaston has done for me.