Michael Priest

The idea of attending a college had always been the forefront goal as my senior year of high school ended. Due to me being a new student and a new North Carolina resident, the search for a college began. The decision on where to go was not easy for me. The window of the decision on where to go became smaller and smaller, so I decided on attending Carteret Community College to find a college major without breaking the bank.

In my first year at Carteret Community College, I still had a sense of being a semi-new student. I knew a few faces, but for the most part, I was still working on establishing myself as a student. While my first year passed without incident, I felt I had not done anything to get involved, when I was asked to join a leadership academy in the Spring of 2018 it came as a surprise. From there, Mr. Raynor nominated me to represent the college as part of the Student Leadership Development Program and SGA Secretary. Ever since I have continuously worked on my abilities as a leader thanks to the guidance given to me through CCC’s faculty.