Mindy Blackburn

At nineteen, I find it difficult to think of my life as a “success story.” How can someone who has not even been alive for two decades claim such an achievement? At my age, success does not define me yet, but is something I aspire to achieve. Growing up, I learned through my experiences and by watching the adults I was surrounded by. However, my real education did not begin until my first semester at Wilkes Community College.

I have always been a good student, but I never really had a purpose for why I worked so hard until I came here. Instructors like Dr. Tom Ingledue, Dr. Lisa Muir, Mr. Neal Triplett, and Mr. Darrell Finney helped me to find my passions and to give me reasons for my educational decisions. From them, I have learned that having an education is not simply about being able to recite facts, but about the potential to do something you love, eventually benefiting more people than simply yourself.  An education is not confined by the time one is in college, because learning is a lifelong experience and all of my talents have yet to be revealed. My success story is just beginning, thanks to Wilkes Community College.