Monica Cooper

When I was sixteen I dropped out of school due to being pregnant and homeless. I was forced to give my son up for adoption, a decision that would prove to stagnate me for years as well as be that one thing in life that I regret. For years I found myself surviving to live and living to survive. At the age of 23 I gave birth to a baby girl named Aliyana who soon after passed away. After years of running from my pain and myself I decided to take control of my life. I heard a commercial on the radio for the Broadcasting & Production program here at Forsyth Tech. I enrolled as a non-traditional student. Since it had been years since I was in school my two year journey to graduate wasn’t easy. I studied hard and applied myself. I helped those around me and even endured some injustice by fellow students. Through it all I persevered and graduated. After graduation I decided that I should re-enroll into the College Transfer program which I am currently in. Although it took many years to get here, thanks to Forsyth Tech I am on my way.