Moza Hamud

Growing up in Kenya, education was a privilege and not a right. The opportunity of being a student in America, in itself, is an achievement I cherish.  The acceptance into Central Piedmont Community College in Fall 2013, as an international student, has given me the opportunity to gain knowledge, build my leadership skills, be of service to others and expand my thinking to a whole new world ahead of me. The leadership roles I have held, the mentorship I have received from the Ruth G. Shaw Women’s Leadership Program, and the campus activities in which I have participated have instilled in me the ethic of living with a purpose. These experiences have uncovered some quotes I will live by:  “One who learns teaches” (Abubakar), and, “Be the change you wish to see in the world” (Gandhi). These bits of encouragement have helped inspire me in my future professional goal: to become a doctor who is involved in making a difference in the community, by being an advocate for public health and by providing opportunities for others to achieve their goals.