Natalie O'Mahoney

In my youth, I attended college for a semester or two, but quit. I found myself in an abusive relationship, working in a series of unsatisfying and poorly paid jobs. Escaping that part of my life, my priorities changed when I became a military spouse.
As a military wife, returning to college was difficult and challenging, especially since my husband is often away for as long as five months a year. Because of his career, I felt frightened and alone with my parents living 3000 miles away. We traveled across country and I gave birth to my daughter. Childcare was a financial problem. In addition, I was distracted by the discouraging misconception that I had missed my window of opportunity.

I enrolled in my classes and a fire was ignited within me. I became re-determined to pursue my lifelong goal of attaining a college degree.

My success at Fayetteville Technical Community College derives from the focus, dedication, and determination which developed through my life experiences. I cannot adequately express how wonderful the faculty has been throughout my FTCC experience. My confidence has grown due to their support. I love art passionately and with a degree in Graphic Design, I'll finally achieve my dream of having a meaningful career.