Nate DeGrandpre

In looking back on the last two years at Isothermal Community College I am simply amazed. I am not only amazed at what I have accomplished, but I am also amazed at the tremendous support that has brought me to this point. My faith in God, the support from my wife and children, the support and leadership from Isothermal Community College, and the support of my employer have made it all possible. When I first enrolled at Isothermal I never expected that I would do as well as what I have done.

When I first enrolled for classes, my only expectation was simply to pass. The apprehension of sitting in class again after so many years was enormous. That would soon change thanks to the encouragement from my wife Betty, and the leadership at the college. To say that I have experienced exponential growth in the last two years would be an understatement. I have experienced a change within myself that will last a lifetime. Isothermal Community College and their leadership have helped me to find, unlock, and realize my full potential. Looking to the future, my hope is to give back what I have been given so that others can experience what I have.