Nathaniel Jones

I chose to go to JCC right after high school not because it was my only option but because it just made practical sense. Nowadays, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to commit one’s self to an area of study for four years because it seems the demand for the knowledge and skills gained in that timeframe changes by the day with the pervading influence of the internet.  On top of that, the pressures of the growing costs of attending even a public four year institution alone can be enough to discourage someone from investing two years just to figure it all out.  Before coming to JCC, I was one of those people. 

Now, I’m proudly serving as President of our Phi Theta Kappa chapter, tutoring Music Theory, and am in my third and final year here.  With everything I have learned, seen, and felt on campus, I would recommend the community college option to anyone, no matter their walk of life.  It’s okay to be unsure.  The stories, devotion, and sincerity of some of these students are just plain inspiring.  Among these great people, I’ve found myself at JCC, without all the pressure.  It just makes sense.