Neiss-Gietzen family 'a walking ad' for Central Carolina Community College

“My family is a walking advertisement for Central Carolina Community College,” said Kimberly Neiss, a single mother of 10.

Neiss and five of her children have all graduated from or are still attending the college.

Neiss earned her Associate in Arts in 2010 and works as an administrative assistant. Her daughter Theresa and son Thomas Gietzen earned their high school diplomas and sons David and Patrick Gietzen earned their GEDs through CCCC. All then enrolled in college-level programs.

Thomas is completing his A.A. and has joined the Navy. Theresa earned an A.A.S. in Laser & Photonics and now works in research and development. She is also working on her A.S. degree. Patrick earned an A.A.S. in Mechanical Engineering and is now a manufacturing engineer.David and Andrew Gietzen are finishing their A.A. degrees.

The oldest daughter, Mary Scrivens, was already enrolled at a university when Neiss discovered CCCC, but she sees the college in the future for her four youngest children: Margaret, Ruth, Julia and Deborah Gietzen.

“I felt all the CCCC teachers really cared about my education and beyond,” said her daughter Theresa Gietzen. “The college not only gave me a well-rounded education, it also prepared me for my career. I couldn’t be where I am today without my degree.”