Nico Reyes

A bag packed with books, pens and pencils ‐ an epitome of normalcy for an average college student. I was that average student with a goal even higher than I thought possible as I adhered to my grandfather’s words of wisdom: Study well because knowledge is the finest wealth in the world and none can steal it from you!  

During spring 2014, however, I was faced with a financial hardship and considered quitting college due to the cost. It was never my intention to burden my family as I pursued my  dreams.  I  understood  my  grandfather’s  words  that  I  must  progress  even  further; therefore, I diligently sought the solution to this predicament alone.  

As I was anxiously looking for financial assistance, the answer came when I received e‐mails  about  school  funded scholarships, SGA elections and the ambassador program. Immediately  I  started  completing  the  forms  for  submission.  Fortunately,  I  received scholarships, was selected as a college ambassador and elected as vice president for the SGA, which solved my financial problems.  

In the end,  it  was my persistence and determination to live up to my grandfather’s expectations that enabled me to persevere through the financial situation and successfully continue in college.