Nicole Obando

As part of the Career & College Promise program at Beaufort County Community College, Nicole Obando was able to get a head start on her college education during her last two years of high school. “At first, I was unsure of attending the Community college since I have been home schooled from kindergarten to the 11th grade. At the time, my social skills were not very strong, but the teachers and students I met were very encouraging and offered me their utmost support when I needed it which helped me grow and adapt to a new world outside of my previously sheltered one,” she said. 

By being exposed to a different academic environment than the one she was used to, Nicole was able to step out of her comfort zone. She believes that BCC gave her the opportunity to improve her interpersonal skills and achieve her goals one step at a time with dedication, determination, and trust. Nicole was also selected as the 2019 Academic Excellence recipient at Beaufort Community College.