Nina Sinclair

My experience as a student attending a NC Community College has been great. I am so grateful to have had such great teachers and students to be around while attending Edgecombe Community College. Learning pushed me to strive to be a better person and to also show my husband and daughter that school was important. While attending school, I have always had a “never give up” attitude. I am the second grandchild out of eighteen grandchildren to attend college and finish. While attending school, I was battling cancer and had to take chemotherapy treatments; I would still press on to come to school, even after treatments. I was not going to let the cancer win. I have always set the bar high for myself, and I have never believed in starting something and not finishing.

My desire to encourage others made me channel my time and energy in a C4 project on campus. C4, which stands for Community College Completion Corps, is a Phi Theta Kappa nationwide initiative to promote pledges to commit to finishing degrees and programs. I believe this project will encourage students to press on until they reach the finish line, like I did.