Rachel Wheeler

After a five year hiatus from my first college experience, I began attending Craven Community College because I was ready to seriously pursue getting a degree. However, I found myself unsure of what direction I wanted to take. After interviewing several art department faculty members for an English assignment, I realized my interest in art was much more than just a hobby but the career I wanted to pursue. Being a Marine spouse, I know having a career can be challenging with frequent restationings. But with the encouragement, wisdom, and support of the art department and my English instructor, classes and a career have been feasible despite military life and a baby on the way.

Not only have my instructors provided me with guidance, but the quality of instruction has been above and beyond my expectations of a community college. I’ve watched my abilities and my two passions, writing and art, grow under my instructors. Recognizing my strengths, I have the tools I need to follow these passions. I am now pursuing an active career as a visual artist and writer as I finish up my Associate’s in Fine Arts.