Rachelle West

My name is Rachelle West. Along with being a full time student, I am a wife and mother. My husband and our five children are supportive of my decision to go back to school.

When I came to Isothermal, my main agenda was to obtain an Associates in Manufacturing Technology. My initial goal was to find a rewarding career; however, college has given me a more fulfilling purpose. I have served as a volunteer for career building events for high schools, fundraising, and club activities offered by Isothermal.

Representing Isothermal has helped me to give back to the college and community. I am passionate about sharing my experience and plan to continue talking with younger generations. I pass along my story hoping to prevent them from making the mistakes I made at their age, when I dropped out of school.

With all the excitement and hard work I have put into my college career, I cannot help but have disappointment in my heart for not applying myself like this years ago. Looking ahead, I want to pursue a Bachelor’s in Engineering Technology and have had so many opportunities open up through the community college system to help make this happen.