Raymond Howard

Raymond Howard of Kinston is a 2005 Lenoir Community College Human Services graduate. He started his first day at work as a Health Care Technician I at Caswell Center a couple of years ago. No one would have suspected from his pleasant manner and friendly smile that he had overcome hardships to get there.

His New Year’s present on January 2003 was a lay off from Buehler Products. A family man with two children faced the fact that his nine-year work history with Buehler was just that, history. A Rapid Response team, which included members of Lenoir County JobLink and LCC, gave Howard some hope. He had an intense desire to work with the mentally challenged so he chose to retrain in Human Services Technology.

Excelling academically and possessing a strong social conscience, he turned a personal setback into a spirited triumph. “I am working in a field that I love. LCC helped me achieve that career.”

Howard continued his education and graduated from NC Wesleyan with two bachelor degrees, one in Psychology and the other in Criminal Justice. He also works as a part-time instructor for LCC teaching Key Training for Employment at Greene Correctional Institution.