Riyam Al Ghrary

As I look back on my accomplishments and personal breakthroughs, I notice a common denominator. Almost all have been achieved with the help of the inspiring professors and supportive faculty of Central Piedmont Community College. During my time at CPCC, I have grown as a student and a leader. I had the opportunity to better myself, help others do the same, and even participate in the decision making process for college wide changes.

The leading force behind the launching of my leadership skills and confidence was CPCC’s Student Government Association. An organization I have been a part of for the entirety of my time at the college, where I currently serve as Vice President. In two years, I transformed from a passive observer to an active participant around my campus. I marshaled for graduations, assisted with the college’s open house, led committees to organize campus wide events, and helped students academically by tutoring and assisting them. I am now almost incomparable to my pre-college self, which signals the essence of my growth. I intend to continue exceling academically and growing as a leader at the establishment I owe my success to, CPCC, and beyond.