Ryan Booth

In chemistry, there exists a concept titled potential energy. This concept is characterized by the accumulation of potential to exert a maximum amount of energy by a body due to its surrounding conditions. Using a philosophical perspective on a physical concept, I would describe my experiences at Gaston College as the exponential accumulation of potential energy. Namely, as I’ve continued to network, take leadership positions, apply myself through research, and make my own positive impact on the community, I’ve witnessed a proliferation of potential that is working ceaselessly to produce the sublime level of success that I strive to achieve.

In the summation of my experience at Gaston College, the lasting impact of my time here lies within the wide ranging effect that I’ve had on the surrounding community through the perpetuation of volunteer work. Obtaining the opportunity to organize and lead semester long service projects for my fellow student leaders with local organizations, coupled with my experimental jaunts into scientific/biomedical research, has allowed for my development of this conceptual potential energy in all areas that I find my passions residing. I pridefully owe much of my success and development to the programs and organizations available at Gaston College.

Programs of Study