Sadie Herndon

My name is Sadie Herndon and I am currently completing my fifth semester at Wilson Community College.  I am enrolled in the Paralegal Technology Program.  I work full-time as a waitress, attend school full-time, and am a single mother of a six-year old child named Max.  I have maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout every semester.

Though I do not like to admit it, I victimized myself for a large portion of my life.  It was not until the last two and half years that I stopped playing the victim and decided that my success was in my hands.  Taking responsibility for my past mistakes was the smartest decision I ever made.  I found that when I put forth effort, I could achieve anything I desired.  I went from whining and complaining to working, completing coursework, attending classes, and parenting my son.

Though my experience at Wilson Community College has been challenging, I believe that everyone has the potential to succeed in their endeavors.  America is a nation founded on hard work and ingenuity.  When obstacles and adversity have you down, the only option is to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and strive forward.