Sayra Alexander Delgadillo Chavarria

Martin Community College has given me a great opportunity to further my education. I am a freshman and this is my second semester at Martin Community College. I feel that since the first semester I have learned tremendously from all my classes. The teachers are very professional and they pay attention to every detail and students' needs. Since the first day I came to register, the staff received me very nicely. They made me feel welcome.

In my point of view, Martin Community College is the best community college because it provides students a lot of personal attention. Since it is small, the teachers can give us more attention and help us with any questions or problems we have, and it also allows everyone to get to know everyone. I feel like it is way better to provide quality not quantity. Martin Community College is like my second family because I am so close with my teachers and with my classmates. I am very pleased with the education I am receiving from all the teachers at Martin Community College.