Scarlett Burgess

I have always had a lifelong love of learning and upon graduating from high school in 1981, my intention was to complete a college degree, but life intervened and I found myself divorced, raising two children alone. I worked for several years doing jobs that supported my family, yet I always dreamed of obtaining a college degree. In 2011, the company I worked for suddenly closed their doors, and I was left unemployed.  I found myself jobless, raising two granddaughters, and lacking marketable job skills. After months of searching for employment, I decided to return to school to complete a degree and master a skill that would allow me to provide for my grandchildren. Fayetteville Technical Community College provided an affordable and achievable alternative to a four-year university.

I have encountered personal obstacles during my time at FTCC; the most challenging has been my diagnosis of Fuchs’ Corneal Dystrophy. I had to take a semester off to have a corneal transplant and learn to live with my visual impairment. My instructors, classmates, and the staff at FTCC have been a great source of support and encouragement. I currently have 3.5 GPA; I am the president of Phi Theta Kappa, a member of the Paralegal Technology Club, and a tutor.

Graduating from FTCC is not only an achievement for me, it is a life lesson for the children I am raising. I am leading by example and teaching them to never give up, always do your best, and you are never too old to achieve your dreams.