Seedy Njie

When I moved to the United States from Gambia, I was both nervous and excited about what the future had in store for me, so I used that as a fuel to succeed in every aspect of my life, especially in education. Once I graduated as valedictorian after only a year in the United States, I learned that hard work and determination truly pays off.

When I got accepted at Central Piedmont Community College I was ready to do more with my life, so I stepped into leadership roles within the College, which taught me a lot about being responsible for myself and others. My involvement in extracurricular activities has shaped my academic success and given me personal strength. This experience has also helped me overcome challenges and has prepared me for the road ahead. By serving as the President of the International Students Association, and as Senator in the Student Government Association, I have found the confidence and drive to go after my dreams, as well as to always be of service to others. These qualities will fit well with my ultimate career goal as a Human Rights lawyer.