Shane Chase

Working as a frontline supervisor at Cleveland Yutaka, Shane Chase knew he wanted to improve himself and the company he was working for. Thanks to a little advice from human resources at the company, he decided to enroll at CCC in the Industrial Management program and says the program is a perfect fit. “CCC has been a great experience. The classes have been useful and informative and the faculty and staff at CCC are incredibly helpful, understanding, and welcoming,” Chase says.

As a single father who was working a full time job while attending classes, Chase says that with the support of his two daughters and the faculty at CCC, he has been able to achieve his goals. He says he has also been fortunate to put into practice some of the skills he has acquired through CCC at work. “CCC has certainly been instrumental in helping me acquire the technical skill sets I needed to help me achieve my goals. I want to continue to use what I am learning in my every day work setting and make Cleveland Yutaka more successful,” he adds.

“The Industrial Management program at the College was a perfect fit for me,” Chase says. “I know that no matter where the industry leads me, I want my life to always involve learning. Beginning this program and being honored as the CCC Student of Excellence wouldn’t have been possible without my family who encouraged me every step of the way. Even when I wanted to stop taking the classes because I felt like it was putting too much of a burden on my family, they would not allow it. I am so happy I listened to them.”