Stacy Pukl

When Stacy, a single mother of three boys, relocated to Columbus County a few years ago, she thought she would easily find work utilizing her bookkeeping and office administration skills gained in her previous employment, but quickly realized her opportunities were limited with only a high school diploma. She was working retail when a college employee gave her a business card and encouraged her to think about coming to SCC.

Anxious to get started, Stacy enrolled in five courses during her first semester, the summer session in 2013. Her goal was to get through the courses doing the best she could. She never expected to see a 4.0 grade point average after that first semester. When she did, though, she set her sights on maintaining that 4.0, realizing that if it was possible while taking five classes during a summer session, it was possible for the remainder of her classes.

Due to her own health issues and some challenges with her children, Stacy took a one-year break from her studies but returned and is set to graduate this May with an Associate degree in Business Administration.

“I give credit to Ms. Ransom for encouraging me to come back and to complete my degree,” says Stacy. “She is my biggest cheerleader.”