Swarnadurge "Durga" Sivamani

Before I was a student at Wake Tech, I was unable and unqualified to work in jobs that gave me the satisfaction of being a valuable team member to create something amazing. I decided to go back to school to pursue a career I had always wanted to do but never had the courage before: a video game programmer.

As a second-year Simulation and Game Development student nearing graduation, I am blown away by how much I have learned and accomplished at Wake Tech. I have earned three game development certificates, participated as a volunteer in internationally-renowned conferences for game developers such as the East Coast Game Conference and the Game UX Summit, assisted planning the Applied Technology Exploration Summer Camps for kids and teens, was selected to receive the NASA/NC Space Grant and the James R. Talton Endowed Scholarships, and I am currently a Student Ambassador for Wake Tech. I also recently applied for and received a coveted full-time software developer internship at ATI Industrial Automation starting in the spring.