Taylor Ross Sarks

It is an honor to be Montgomery Community College's nominee for the NCCCS Academic Excellence award. I owe a lot of my success to MCC, so it is great to represent my school.

Before coming to MCC, I was undecided on my career path. I was working twelve hours a day at a job I did not enjoy only to come home to learn web development and create my own websites. Soon it became obvious what I wanted to pursue, and I chose MCC to help me reach my goals.

The instructors at MCC have encouraged me to set new goals and achieve them. During my first year as an Information Technology student, MCC was looking for help to finish its new website. My instructor recommended me and I was hired part-time to complete and publish the website. I have also built pages for Blackboard and worked on other projects for the college; each one was a learning experience. My instructor also encouraged me to achieve certifications important to the IT field. To date, I have earned 10 industry certifications.

MCC has provided many opportunities that have helped me grow academically and professionally.