Thea Flynn

As I begin my final semester at RCCC, I am 100 pounds lighter and am astonished at my academic and personal growth.  I entered college with a love for numbers but am leaving with a much greater appreciation of who I am.  Throughout my journey, my instructors have introduced me to an eclectic world filled with previously unexplored interests and exciting possibilities.  With their help, I have gradually reinvented myself into someone exploring a less limited horizon.  When I graduate in May, I plan to take the licensing exams through the National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers (NACPB) and realize my dream of opening a bookkeeping company.  But my story will not end there.  During my studies, I have also discovered that I am a gifted writer, so I will be continuing my college education next fall by enrolling in my first creative writing class at Harvard Extension University.   

If I had to summarize in a sentence what I have learned during my time at RCCC, I would say that “Education is an awakening, dreams never expire, and age is just a number.”  How extremely thankful I am that I took that first step!