Thu Vu

When moving to Gastonia four years ago, I did not know what to do with my life other than what my family has set out for me - nail business. I wanted something more to satisfy my hunger for knowledge, so I took the first step by getting my GED at Gaston College. Then the path started to open after I signed up for pre-nursing and joined TriO. With help from my wonderful counselor and instructors at Gaston College, I have finished one semester after another and currently on my way to get two Associate Degrees in Nursing and Arts. I signed up for Learn for Life during my first year in nursing because it is my goal - to learn for life. I enjoy getting educated and never think about a stop in my education.

In spring 2012, I started helping out at Crisis Pregnancy Center in Gastonia to fulfill my hope to give back to the community. I enjoyed doing whatever I could when I’m needed. Then, being in nursing school brought my volunteering goal to the next level because with the skills and knowledge learned in nursing I can help more people. So I signed up to help at the American Red Cross office in Gastonia. I am an intake manager at Red Cross and help to contact with prospective volunteers and assist them to finish their volunteer application process. However, I always want to bring more goodness to people that I help. My latest volunteering activity is the Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement in the USA. I am learning how to work with the youth and help them to grow spiritually and psychologically. Volunteering can help me to improve my knowledge, as there are so many things I can learn from each organization as well as everybody I interact with.