Tiana Bombard

My name is Tiana Bombard, and I attend Fayetteville Technical Community College. I am a military spouse to my amazing husband, Patrick, and we have a beautiful son, Wyatt.

As a high school student, I had no ambition to attend college. I did not see college in my future because of the cost, having no idea what I wanted to be when I “grew up”. I discovered financial aid for military spouses, and college became attainable. When my son was eight months old, my husband gave me an encouraging nudge to go to school. In my first semester of dental assisting, I earned all A’s and honors standing.

In high school I was not driven and never earned the grades that I now earn. As an adult, priorities mean everything and by having them in order, it has made a difference in my life. I have met supportive instructors and new friends who have positively influenced my college experience. Without my family and faculty, I would not be where I am now. I have embraced every step of this journey and will not forget the positive impression it has left on my life.