Toledo Kemmer

I knew it was time for a new chapter in the story of my life.  A position became available at Sampson Community College in the Continuing Education Division and after much prayer and seeking direction and guidance, I knew that’s where God was leading me.  I am a true believer that actions speak louder than words and that we must “walk the talk” to be most effective. 

I started my educational journey in the spring of 2008.  I knew it would be more of a challenge at this point in my life, having been out of school for 28 years, working a full-time job, and being married and having a family that includes five grandchildren.  Knowing the importance of trying to keep balance in our lives, I decided to take one class per semester to work towards an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration, and eight years later, in the fall semester of 2016, I completed my degree. 

I have been so blessed to have had this opportunity and support of the NCCCS, SCC’s administration, faculty, staff, and my wonderful co-workers throughout this journey in my life and will forever be grateful.  I am most thankful to God for leading me to this wonderful institution and sustaining me through my educational journey. I would like to also thank my husband, children, daughter-in-law, grandchildren, mother, and all of my extended family for understanding when I was unavailable for many days and hours over the last eight years due to school work, yet supporting and loving me anyway.