Tyler Cook

Success is often a mixture of small steps toward larger goals. As a student at Western Piedmont Community College, the 2012-2013 Student Government Association (SGA) Vice President, and an active member of the Natural Science Club, I define my success by my ability to help others learn, grow, and achieve their goals.

While I have had been a part of many stories of success during my time as SGA Vice President including some of my own, my most successful endeavor at Western Piedmont Community College was being the Vice President of the Natural Science Club. Our leadership team increased the club’s activity and visibility on campus, making the Natural Science Club the most recognized organization at Western Piedmont. Going beyond all the activities and fundraisers on campus, the Natural Science Club became a catalyst to create better students and citizens.

Student involvement does not stop at the classroom door. Especially in a community college setting, involvement in campus clubs and organizations is often anything but a priority. However, research has proven that social approach behaviors and campus integration is positively related to goal attainment and completion. In other words, with a little encouragement individuals who are involved in active clubs such as the Natural Science Club can aspire to further themselves educationally and subsequently in all aspects of life.

My leadership role in the growth of the Natural Science Club helped me to better understand how important involvement is to all students. Being in a club can be educational and fun and help you achieve your goals. Success is taking an ordinary experience, mixing in novel engagement, and creating the extraordinary.