Vickie Wilkinson

Vickie Wilkinson is a School Age Education major. She will be graduating spring 2014 and as of now her cumulative grade point average is a 3.76. Vickie came to BCCC to pursue a School Age Education degree after working in the business world for 29 years. When she came to register her first semester as a nontraditional student, she was very nervous but so excited about her new career choice. She had stated that she had always wanted to be a third grade teacher, and she was ready to pursue that dream. The excitement she showed on the first day of registration has followed her every day, in every class, right up to now. Vickie is a member of Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society and was a BCCC Ambassador from 2011-2013.

Vickie is an excellent student inside and outside of the class. Her enthusiasm for learning spreads through the classroom like a wildfire. She has a special way for motivating her classroom peers to do their best, and I can only imagine the impact she will have on young children. She will be a teacher that every child remembers. She is a student that strives to do her best and it always shows in her work. Vickie's leadership skills are phenomenal. The experience she acquired managing others in the business world has followed her and has proved to be one of her stronger assets. She will be an awesome teacher.