Victoria Powell

Through Whiteville High School’s Career and College Promise program, I am able to take college courses of my choosing and receive both high school and college credit for them. Southeastern Community College has provided me with exceptional opportunities for growth, both academically and emotionally.  At this school, I am exposed to new ideas, people, and subjects that many high school students do not have the luxury of experiencing. High school is generally limited to seated courses, lasting from 8:00 to 3:00. However, through online classes, I was able to work a daytime waitressing job while keeping my education on track. 

SCC works not only to complete my high school education but to go beyond and prepare me for a four-year university. Becoming accustomed to the class and work style of SCC greatly reduced my apprehension and anxiety towards college.  At the end of this semester, I will have acquired seventy-eight credit hours, saving me time, stress and money. Furthermore, graduating from high school with an associate degree allows me to feel much more equipped for whatever my future holds. Southeastern Community College has provided me with a multidimensional education for which I will always be grateful.