Vivian Kpenosen

Living in Nigeria, I had a friend with Sickle-cell disease. This friend said that her nurse was a guardian angel. That nurse always put a smile on my friend’s face. It was then that I decided to focus on healthcare and getting a degree. My mother helped me get a Visa to come to America. We both thought this would give me the best opportunity for success.

While working as a certified nursing assistant in North Carolina, I met a recent graduate from Piedmont Community College’s nursing program. She was smart and confident and made me feel like I could also get a degree. This graduate told me about the nursing program and how I could get in and out in two years. I thought about the difference I could make and the happiness that would bring.

Now, as I prepare to graduate, I am pleased to say that I already have a job offer at a nearby hospital. The thought of being a nurse and putting a smile on people’s faces, well, it gives your life meaning.