Wendy Stephens

Wendy Stephens has been an office manager, a stay-at-home mom, and a church volunteer. Now, she can add chef to that list. Wendy is the newest pastry chef at The Matthews House special event venue and Patisserie Catering in Cary.  “I’ve always loved baking,” she says.

Once her children were in middle school, Wendy decided to go back to school herself, to pursue a degree in baking. It was around the same time that Wake Tech was expanding its Culinary Arts program to include a new Baking and Pastry Arts degree. “I learned a lot there,” she says. “It was hard to balance the demands of school and family, but it was worth it.”

Wendy graduated in 2013 and was immediately hired by Sheila Ogle, Wake Tech Trustee and Founder of The Matthews House. “We can give Wendy a project and she takes it and runs with it,” says Sheila. “She’s so creative. Her creations are not only beautiful, but they taste great!!”

Wendy demonstrates her creativity baking wedding cakes, pastries and other delicacies for private events at The Matthews House. Her latest innovation is logo cookies, which local businesses order for marketing and thank you gifts. “It’s like putting your business card on a cookie!” she says. Wendy’s cookies were a big hit at Wake Tech’s 50th anniversary event in October 2013.

In addition to baking, The Matthews House gives Wendy a taste of event planning and working largely on her own. She says she might like to open her own business someday, but for now she’s happy enjoying the rewards of sweet success. “I’m happy right where I am: I’m getting experience, plus I’m continuing to learn.”