Yiu San Tung

Durham Technical Community College has become the place that I arrive early in the morning with the prospect of having new lessons on my favorite subjects, Chemistry, English, and Psychology.

Six years ago, my family arrived in the United States as immigrants, and none of us could speak or write in English. My family settled in Goldsboro while my parents started working in a Chinese restaurant. In my sophomore year, I also worked in the restaurant, but I hoped one day I could go to college. My high school counselor introduced me to the C-STEP program at Durham Tech. I was accepted to a rigorous academic program with guaranteed admission to UNC.

I get extensive support from teachers and meet peers who have the same academic endeavors. In study group, we intensively study literature, practice mathematical concepts of chemistry, and learn various psychology theories.

My interest in medicine was heightened in college. My experiences in classes, like anatomy and physiology, have provided me knowledge to understand the human body. By studying microbiology and learning the transmission and prevention of viruses and diseases, I find myself seeking knowledge in medicine and the passion to care for people.