Zachary James

My family  moved to Pamlico County  in 2011.  I was a high  school dropout, working  on homeschool assignments.   Getting  a GED seemed like a quicker way to the next step in my life, so I visited  the college in early 2012.  I was in the GED program for two weeks, and then returned to start my Associate of Science degree the following  semester. 

I’m now looking  at going to ECU in the fall for a bachelor’s degree in computer science.  I’ve had help from nearly everyone at PCC, in some way or another.  They’ve pushed me farther than I would have expected when starting  out. I don’t plan on stopping; maybe I’ll even have a PhD on my wall sometime  soon.

There are countless  people to thank for getting  me this far. I hope they understand  how deeply, unwaveringly  grateful I am for everything  they’ve done for me.