Survey: North Carolinians give community colleges high marks

Survey: North Carolinians give community colleges high marks

Seventy-two percent of North Carolinians give the state’s community colleges a grade of “A” or “B,” according to a Gallup survey for the myFutureNC Commission. Additionally, 91 percent said a two-year community college education has an impact on students’ long-term success in life.

The commission, a group of leaders from education, business, nonprofits and the faith and policy communities, aims to recommend a statewide educational attainment goal and plan in January. As part of the commission’s effort to set that goal, the survey of nearly 3,500 North Carolina residents measured opinions and perceptions about all levels of education in North Carolina, from early childhood to K-12 schools, and from two-year community colleges to four-year public and private colleges and universities.

The poll found that North Carolinians believe strongly in higher education and its ability to help them secure good jobs. Ninety-four percent said it’s important for adults to be educated beyond high school.

“We are pleased to see that North Carolinians hold our community colleges in high esteem,” said Peter Hans, president of the NC Community College System. “We also know there are areas where we must continue to improve. That’s why North Carolina’s community colleges are striving to simplify processes and better align with our education partners to accelerate student completion of workforce credentials. We are proud to be a full partner with the myFutureNC Commission and the important work they are doing on behalf of all North Carolinians.”

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