Academic Programs

Analytics and Reporting

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The Business Intelligence and Research & Performance Management departments collaborate to ensure colleges have access to information needed to facilitate institutional effectiveness and program improvement.

Annual Reporting Plan

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The Annual Reporting Plan is a schedule of due dates for reports and data files required from North Carolina’s community colleges to be in compliance with federal, state, State Board of Community Colleges and other agency required reports.



NC³ ATLAS provides a single resource gateway, with a simple interface, that directs users to the wide variety of teaching and learning resources available to faculty and staff of the North Carolina Community College System.

CIS Documentation

Access training and support materials including documents, recorded training sessions, and vendor supplied documentation for the College Information System (CIS) via the NC Learning Object Repository (NCLOR).

College and Career Readiness

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The College and Career Readiness section provides leadership, oversight, professional development and policy guidance to local community colleges and community-based organizations regarding literacy education.  These literacy education programs include Adult Basic Education (ABE), English as a Second Language (ESL), and Adult Secondary Education (ASE).

High School Equivalency (HSE)
Transitions and Career Pathways
Training Calendar
Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act - Adult Education and Family Literacy Act (WIOA - AEFLA)

College Finance and Operations

College User Support

Compliance Review Services

Legal Affairs

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The Legal Affairs Office provides comprehensive legal assistance and consultation services to the State Board of Community Colleges, the System President, System Office staff, and administrators from the 58 Community College System institutions.

Library Services

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Provides centralized purchasing and cataloging services for the community college libraries. This includes planning, development, and implementation of automated support systems; technical support of these systems; and training.

Numbered Memos

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Below are links to Numbered Memos.  Numbered Memos available on our website date back to 2008.  To request a Numbered Memo prior to 2008, please contact the NC Community College System Office. Please be aware that recent Numbered Memos may supersede information contained in older Numbered Memos.

Student Services

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All community college faculty and staff work hard to make a difference in the lives of their students.  Personnel in student development assist students from enrollment to graduation with admissions, registration, records, financial aid, counseling, and student activities.  Contained in this section are resources and information to support your student services efforts.

Workforce Continuing Education

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Workforce Continuing Education training programs are designed to provide instructional opportunities for individuals seeking to gain new and/or upgrade current job-related skills. Training programs can be delivered as a single course or bundled as a series of courses; and provides instruction around skill competencies that lead to a recognized credential (licensure, certification, renewal, registry listing) and/or meets local workforce labor needs.