Student Services

As a student within the North Carolina Community College System, you have access to support services to help you from the time you enroll in your first class through graduation.

Career Services

As a workforce driver for North Carolina, we want you to find a career you love after graduation. We partner with many state-wide career initiatives, so you can explore what interests you, prepare for job applications and interviews, and connect with future employers.

Academic Services

Your academic advisor makes navigating your courses and making decisions about your future career easier than figuring it out alone. Our System-wide Academic Services resources ensure your success, regardless of your educational goals.

Find your Student Services office at your community college.Find Your Local College

Student Life

From athletics to student organizations, we offer many ways to have a well-rounded college life experience with a focus on leadership development.

Student Support

Discover the services we offer to enhance and support healthy and diverse community college populations across the System.

File a Complaint

You may file a formal complaint with the System after you’ve exhausted your college’s complaint or grievance procedures and the matter remains unresolved. 

Regulations and Policies

Find information about residency determination, Title IX and other rules and guidelines within the System and how we may be able to help.

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