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Branding is the heartbeat of any institution. It's the language we speak, the story we tell, and the image we project to the world. Here at the North Carolina Community College System, we understand the power of a strong and cohesive brand.


Whether you're a faculty member, a marketing professional, or anyone entrusted with maintaining the integrity of our identity, you'll find the resources you need right here.


Explore our comprehensive brand and editorial guidelines, meticulously crafted to ensure our brand's consistency across all touchpoints. Dive into our document templates, designed to make your communications as compelling as they are consistent. And access our brand assets to infuse that unmistakable North Carolina Community College System identity into your projects.


At the heart of it all is our commitment to excellence. By adhering to our branding principles, we not only maintain the trust and recognition we've built over the years but also strengthen our position as a beacon of education in North Carolina. Let's continue to tell our story, loud and clear, and make our mark on the world. 


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